Site para Ler e Partilhar Experiências Espirituais é um site criado recentemente por Carol Croft e Dooney. É um sítio onde se podem ler e partilhar experiências espirituais (em inglês) – são convidados a fazê-lo. As contribuições da Carol e da Dooney até agora tem sido assinadas mas penso que a ideia é que as histórias de outras pessoas serão publicadas anonimamente. Para terem uma ideia do conteúdo aqui está um excerto do primeiro post, escrito pela Carol Croft:

“This is the story of my True spiritual path… As a child I was baptised Catholic. And grew up with a Catholic mother and grandmother. We didn’t have to go to church every Sunday but it was a must on Easter and Christmas. Even as a young child I knew that I didn’t fit in there.

I had so many questions and concerns even then, it just didn’t feel right to me.. My father never went to church with us, it was always just my grandmother, my mother, my brother and sister and myself. I remember one Easter, when I was about 10, I asked my father why I had to go to church and he didn’t. He told me “Honey, I can be closer to God in the backyard next to the big tree than I can be in any church.” That has always stuck with me.

Ever since then, I spent every weekend I could with friends just so I could try out their church, I continued doing so through out my teen years.. I was looking for some place that felt right to me. Being brought up in the church, I still programmed to believed that I would find it in a church. It wasn’t until I was about 21 that I figured out that I was never going to find it in a church.

I met a wonderful friend when I was 28. We talked extensively about spirituality. She said to me one day “What do you think about looking into the earth based spiritual paths/wicca?” I was so excited, so I started working with the plant and gemstones and elemental kingdom. Which felt so much better than anything else I had tried. Wicca just like any other religion has dark aspects as well as Light.. I started this path with a lady friend of mine. Soon it became 4 of us. We are like sisters, still to this day and would do anything for each other..”