What is orgonite?

The expression “orgonite” was invented in the mid-1990s by Karl Welz for his own proprietary mixture of metal, resin and quartz. Welz’s tecnhology is diferent from what thousands of people have been making, though – for instance, Welz uses very fine metal particles and powdered quartz.

In 1998 Don Croft was making zappers and experimenting with Wilhelm Reich’s orgone acumulators when he comes into contact with Karl Welz’s technology, through a friend. Soon he starts his own experiments with the help of his daughter Nora, and in 2001 Don and Carol Croft make the first orgonite, as it is more commonly known today. Don doesn’t even like the word “orgonite” very much, but that expression gained a life of its own and most people today, when they say it, they mean Don and Carol Croft’s orgone generators – a healing technology open to all.

In simple terms, orgonite is a mixture of industrial resin and metal shavings. A crystal (often quartz) is added, for it increases potency of the piece by a good amount. These are the only components needed for making simple, basic orgonite, source of the vital energy we all need. This type of piece, also known as “tactical orgonite”, is frequently used to clean places that have been afected by negative energy. The aplication of orgonite changes the energy of those places back to a healthy state.

There is also orgonite made with extra elements, such as different crystals or copper coils – those pieces are made specifically for personal use. Personal orgonite is not better or worse than tactical orgonite, it may simply be more efective in certain cases for which it was specifically designed. Still and even though they look cheap and ugly, don’t have any doubts about its regenerating action.

Orgonite absorbs negative energy and generates positive energy – or in other words, it cleans Deathly Orgone and transforms it into Positive Orgone. “Orgone” and “energy” mean the same thing.
Orgonite is also known as an “orgone generator” because it affects the orgone directly. That is in contrast with Wilhelm Reich’s orgone acumulators – those devices simply acumulate orgone without transforming it and should be handled with care.

Orgonite helps restore the balance, but even in a healthy environment it should be working to further improve the energy. It’s biggest asset though, is in acting on a bad situation and bringing in good flowing orgone. Have a dying garden plant you gave up on? Bad environment at home or in the workplace? Try orgonite.


What is orgone?

Orgone is just another name for etheric (spiritual) energy. This universal energy is also known as “qi” in China and “prana” in India.
As we live in a multidimensional world, where the spiritual part has hierarchic precedence and also governs the part of the material, orgone is the most important element in shaping our experience and that of our environment. It is literally where life is born.

Something amazing about the planet’s energy is the many ley lines and vortexes of energy which are found all throughout the Earth, probably a lot like there are lines of energy and chakras in the human body. There are also several (religious or otherwise) structures built over that energy grid, from since at least the megalithic period.
Some of those contructions and the rituals performed in them have poisoned the energy of those places. Nowadays, that network of negative energy is being reinforced mainly by the millions of cell phone network antennas (also known as death towers) which were conceived from the start to irradiate great amounts of negative energy. Fortunately, orgonite can revert that situation and good energy can start flowing again, as it has been done since 2001 through the direct action of thousands of people troughout this planet.
When you feel the energy is negative, stagnated, heavy – place some orgonite and witness the difference 😉


The pioneer Wilhelm Reich

Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) had a rich trajectory from Psychoanalysis, through Biology, Physics and eventually as pioneer of new sciences, such as Orgonomy. For many years, Reich searched for a cure for that which from a certain point he saw as the scourge of Mankind: cancer. Reich found tumours to be the last in the stages of a disease that manifested in the person for several years, with symptoms apparently not related to the cancer, such as disturbances of the psyche.

While he was giving therapy to patients with psychic problems, such as neurosis, Reich found a different energy, a biological energy. He then made experiments to verify the existence of that energy in micro-organisms.
Reich found out that when he submitted several unfusions of water and different matter such as grass, coal, sand and heated them to high temperatures, they would desintegrate, forming microscopic vesicles which he called “bions”. These bions would later group together and form micro-organisms such as amoeba and paramecium.

Reich noticed that a blue energy would emanate from the bions, which he concluded was the vital energy which permited the formation of bions and its transformation into protozoa. Ele called this vital energy “orgone”. After several years of experimentation, Reich concluded orgone was everywhere and considered the Sun as the biggest source of orgone.

Reich found cancer to be no more than the prolonged starvation of vital energy in the afected person. In this way, tumors are only the latests stages of a disease he considered was afecting great part of the world population.

The story of Dr. Reich’s experiments is fascinating and I recommend you to read his two-book volume “The Discovery of Orgone”.


How Orgonite affects the Orgone

From Reich we learned metal reflects orgone and organic substances atract it. His orgone acumulators – boxes made with alternate layers of metal and organic material – only atract and absorb orgone with no possibility of discharge ou of the transformation of energy from negative to positive.

Orgonite changed all this.

With orgonite we now have a technology which works 24 hours a day with no need for any interaction: you don’t ever need to clean or recharge it. This technology will work non-stop cleaning the energy where it is placed, all the time. It will work on you, your family and friends, your home, workplace, etc.

And if you placed it near a mobile phone network antenna, it will transform that source of EMF and cancer into a factory of regenerating energy. That’s incredible, right? No one can verify this for you – you’ll have to witness it yourself.

Going out of the house and placing orgonite at or near sources of negative energy to reclaim those spaces and make them full of good energy is an activity called “gifting”. It’s named so because we are gifting the planet with orgonite and making a better world.

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