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3 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Here is my sister’s account after placing the orgonite around:

    > I placed some of the orgone around the house and have noticed that Dad is acting peppier. > The summer heat used to disable him. But now, he is not even complaining and is very active.

    Thank you for the products and for helping to boost my father’s energy! I’ll be in touch soon for another order. Best wishes, E.J.

  2. I wanted to try a basic zapper. It worked just fine to order it, and it arrived soon. I got shocked the zapper calmed down my back ache already the next day. I had been travelling by train and that usually causes sevral days´flare.
    Since then I have only taken three pain pills in total! I use the zapper every day or night for some hours.
    It is still helping, and now it is some weeks since I started zapping.
    I do have some orgonite in the house from before. I think it is best to both have zapper and orgonite. The orgonite helps manifest things I think.

  3. Carol was impressed with how fast the energy exchange happened between her and each device because most of the orgonite that people send us to comment about isn’t nearly as responsive. She also likes how you’re able to pack so much metal in them because the amount of metal determines the potency of orgonite, which is probably why none of the NSA/Google shills use much metal or any metal at all 😉

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