Towerbuster Pack (10 pieces)




The Towerbuster is a good orgonite piece to use on big sources of negative energy and EMF, such as the mobile phone network antennas.

These antennas are used in population control to make us sick and keep our consciousness in a limited, fear-based survival mode, as well as to cause harmful climate conditions such as drought. The purpose is to weaken the human being and the environment enough that a world dictatorship can be implemented without much resistance. The antennas and other radionic weaponry are the technological vanguard of that plan.

Fortunately there is orgonite, which transforms negative energy into positive energy and can revert the effect of those antennas. Thousands of people all around the world have been using it to reclaim the pirated world energy grid which we all depend on, and on which the antennas are also placed. Orgonite facilitates the expansion of the human being’s natural capabilities and encourages the prosperity that is in our destiny.

In this function the towerbuster has a range of about 400 meters (outdoors) and one piece is enough to revert the effects of an “average” antenna. When in doubt you can always add more orgonite – it’s what I do as well.

The towerbuster is simple because guerrilla orgonite should be economic and efficient. There are no sophisticated crystal combinations, copper wire or any extras unnecessary to its function, which allows it to have an attractive price tag.

Each towerbuster pack has 10 pieces.

Components: aluminium shavings, resin, quartz
Dimensions: 5,6 cm diameter x 3,8 cm height (each)
Weight: 120 grams (each)

Additional information

Weight 1500 g


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