Pocket Orgonite


5-9 pieces = 4,50€ each ..... 10 or more = 4,00€ each ..... free shipping to Mainland Portugal


The Pocket Orgonite is practical to use and economic in its build, as all the volume is taken up by the tight mix of metal shavings and resin, plus quartz crystal and amethyst. The stones amplify the regenerative effect of the orgonite mix (metal shavings and resin) and add their own individual qualities.

Quartz Crystal
Clarity, higher guidance. It’s a good stone for cleaning. Neutral by itself, it amplifies the effects of other stones.
Chakras: all.

Stone of protection and connection with the Creator. Brings stability, strength and helps to develop psychic abilities. Purifies and helps us leave bad habits and patterns behind.
Chakras: 6th, 7th, 8th and above.

Components: aluminium shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst
Dimensions: 4 cm diameter x 1,4 cm height
Weight: 18 grams

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Weight 23 g


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