The Pendant protects you from negative energies, keeping the energetic body and aura clean and balanced. The SBB (Saint Buster’s Button) copper coil intensifies the absorption of negative energy into the piece, while the combination of metal shavings and resin work the transformation from negative into positive. The crystals amplify this effect and add their specific properties.

Quartz Crystal
Clarity, higher guidance. It’s a good stone for cleaning. Neutral by itself, it amplifies the effects of other stones.
Chakras: all.

Stone of protection and connection with the Creator. Brings stability, strength and helps to develop psychic abilities. Purifies and helps us leave bad habits and patterns behind.
Chakras: 6th, 7th, 8th and above.

I advise to wear the pendent at all times, including in your sleep. For taking a shower it’s probably better to remove it, as the string takes some time to dry.

Components: aluminium shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst, copper wire
Dimensions: 4,8 cm diameter x 1,5 cm height
Weight: 32 grams

Additional information

Weight 35 g


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