What is Orgonite?

The Pendant protects you from negative energies. It helps you stay centered and grounded while keeping the energetic body and aura clean and balanced. Wear it at all times to experience the full benefits.

The SBB (Saint Buster’s Button) copper coil amplifies the power of the pendent. The crystals used are quartz (rock crystal), amethyst, hematite and rose-quartz.
This mix of stones is balanced, with an emphasis on protection (amethyst, hematite). The rose-quartz is added to benefit the heart chakra energy.

Quartz Crystal
Clarity, higher guidance. It’s a good stone for cleansing. Neutral by itself, it amplifies the effects of other stones.
Chakras: all.

Stone of protection and connection with the Creator. Brings stability, strength and helps to develop psychic abilities. Purifies and helps us leave bad habits and patterns behind.
Chakras: 6th, 7th, 8th and above.

Stone of grounding and protection. Strenghtens will, propels for action. Balancing of the opposites, helps integrate de shadow self.
Chakras: 1st

More openess to give and receive love. Gentleness, compassion. Bathes body, mind and soul in healing frequency. Clears past emotional trauma and toxic patterns.
Chakras: 4th

Components: aluminium shavings, brass shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst, hematite, rose-quartz, copper wire
Dimensions: 4,8 cm diameter x 1,5 cm height
Weight: 38 grams


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Weight 48 g


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