The Dome is a good choice for keeping the energy clean in a room or other space in the house. The orgonite mix (resin and metal shavings) is constantly working to absorb negative energies and transform that into positive energies. The crystals in the piece amplify that effect and add their own qualities.

The small and round format makes it easy for personal interaction. You can also place it over a painful spot to try get some relief.

Quartz Crystal
Clarity, higher guidance. It’s a good stone for cleansing the energies. Neutral by itself, it amplifies the effects of other stones.
Chakras: all.

Stone of protection and connection with the Creator. Brings stability, strength and helps to develop psychic abilities. Purifies and helps us leave bad habits and patterns behind.
Chakras: 6th, 7th, 8th and above.

Stone of grounding and protection. Strenghtens will, propels for action. Balancing of the opposites, helps integrate de shadow self.
Chakras: 1st

More openess to give and receive love. Gentleness, compassion. Bathes body, mind and soul in healing frequency. Clears past emotional trauma and toxic patterns.
Chakras: 4th

Components: aluminium shavings, brass shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst, hematite, rose-quartz
Dimensions: 6,9 cm diameter x 3,4 cm height
Weight: 130 grams


Additional information

Weight 163 g


  1. E.J.

    Here is my sister’s account after placing the orgonite around:

    > I placed some of the orgone around the house and have noticed that Dad is acting peppier. > The summer heat used to disable him. But now, he is not even complaining and is very active.

    Thank you for the products and for helping to boost my father’s energy! I’ll be in touch soon for another order. Best wishes, E.J.

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