The Dome is used to keep the energy clean in a room or another space in the house. It also looks great on your garden and will help your plants grow.

The small and round format makes it easy for personal interaction which is beneficial, as it develops your own sensitivity to the subtle energy.
You can try placing it over a painful spot to get some relief.

The crystals used are quartz (rock crystal), amethyst, hematite and rose-quartz.
This mix of stones is balanced, with an emphasis on protection (amethyst, hematite). The rose-quartz is added to benefit the heart chakra energy.

Components: aluminium shavings, brass shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst, hematite, rose-quartz
Dimensions: 6,9 cm diameter x 3,4 cm height
Weight: 150 grams


Additional information

Weight 188 g


  1. E.J.

    Here is my sister’s account after placing the orgonite around:

    > I placed some of the orgone around the house and have noticed that Dad is acting peppier. > The summer heat used to disable him. But now, he is not even complaining and is very active.

    Thank you for the products and for helping to boost my father’s energy! I’ll be in touch soon for another order. Best wishes, E.J.

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