The Cone is good for harmonizing any room in the home, even a big living-room or an office/workshop of similar size. The mix of metal shavings and resin is permanently converting negative energy into positive energy. It also has a spiral-shaped copper coil going from the base to the tip of the piece, where it meets a quartz point – this combination concentrates and projects the positive energy from the tip. Around the quartz point are several tumbled amethysts. The crystals amplify the cleaning effect, adding their specific qualities.

The effect of the cone is specially strong in the tip. You could try charging a bottle with good energy or bringing the tip close to a spot in your body that is giving you trouble. With some practice you can also start feeling the energy of things, after handling and interacting with this strong piece.

Quartz Crystal
Clarity, higher guidance. It’s a good stone for cleansing the energies. Neutral by itself, it amplifies the effects of other stones.
Chakras: all.

Stone of protection and connection with the Creator. Brings stability, strength and helps to develop psychic abilities. Purifies and helps us leave bad habits and patterns behind.
Chakras: 6th, 7th, 8th and above.

Stone of grounding and protection. Strenghtens will, propels for action. Balancing of the opposites, helps integrate de shadow self.
Chakras: 1st

More openess to give and receive love. Gentleness, compassion. Bathes body, mind and soul in healing frequency. Clears past emotional trauma and toxic patterns.
Chakras: 4th

Components: aluminium shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst, hematite, rose-quartz, copper wire
Dimensions: 10,9 cm diameter x 7,5 cm height
Weight: 380 grams


Additional information

Weight 475 g


  1. Don Croft

    Carol was impressed with how fast the energy exchange happened between her and each device because most of the orgonite that people send us to comment about isn’t nearly as responsive. She also likes how you’re able to pack so much metal in them because the amount of metal determines the potency of orgonite, which is probably why none of the NSA/Google shills use much metal or any metal at all 😉

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