The Cone is good for harmonizing any room in the home, even a big living-room or an office/workshop. For the garden, you can place it under a tree or near any plant to help it grow.

This is a bigger piece of orgonite so it should be easier to feel its energy. You can try that by holding, handling or otherwise trying to interact with it. It’s a good way to develop your own sensitivity to the subtle energy.
If you have pain in one spot you can also try holding the cone against the painful area.

For increased effect it’s made with a spiral-shaped copper coil which goes from the base to the tip of the piece, where it joins a quartz point – this combination makes the effect stronger at the tip. Around the quartz point are several stones: amethyst, hematite and rose quartz.
This mix of stones is balanced, with an emphasis on protection (amethyst, hematite). The rose-quartz is added to benefit the heart chakra energy.

Components: aluminium shavings, brass shavings, resin, quartz, amethyst, hematite, rose-quartz, copper wire
Dimensions: 10,9 cm diameter x 7,5 cm height
Weight: 420 grams


Additional information

Weight 525 g


  1. Don Croft

    Carol was impressed with how fast the energy exchange happened between her and each device because most of the orgonite that people send us to comment about isn’t nearly as responsive. She also likes how you’re able to pack so much metal in them because the amount of metal determines the potency of orgonite, which is probably why none of the NSA/Google shills use much metal or any metal at all 😉

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