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How zappers work

The Basic Zapper was created by Don Croft, who built and sold them until finding about orgonite. Don and Carol then started improving their zappers with orgonite and other components, such as the neodymium magnet and the moebius coil, culminating with the known Terminator.

There is still a great demand for a simple and cheap zapper. Indian Maid Products, with Don Croft’s support, is making and selling these zappers worldwide.

Even without orgonite and the other extra components, this is an effective device for health improvement, for it fulfills the basic funtion of a zapper.

The device includes a 9V battery and a printed version of the instructions.

To clean the discs (coins), please use a non-abrasic, non-liquid product for metal cleaning.

Dimensions: 5,7 x 4,4 x 2,2 cm
Weight: 70 grams (with battery)

Additional information

Weight 88 g


  1. Nora

    I wanted to try a basic zapper. It worked just fine to order it, and it arrived soon. I got shocked the zapper calmed down my back ache already the next day. I had been travelling by train and that usually causes sevral days┬┤flare.
    Since then I have only taken three pain pills in total! I use the zapper every day or night for some hours.
    It is still helping, and now it is some weeks since I started zapping.
    I do have some orgonite in the house from before. I think it is best to both have zapper and orgonite. The orgonite helps manifest things I think.

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