Placing an order

I hope you’ll find it easy to use this website.

If you want you can contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also place an order directly over email or phone.

The order is only shipped after confirmation of payment. Orders are not shipped with payment on delivery.


Payment Options

* Bank Transfer / Direct Deposit
You can pay by bank transfer or direct deposit. Details for payment are given after you place the order.

* PayPal / Credit Card
This option allows you to make a safe, instant payment with a Paypal account or credit card. For more information please visit Paypal.


Order Shipping

Shipping is usually done the same day or next work day after payment has been verified.

After your order has been shipped you’ll receive an email or message with the tracking number.

For mainland Portugal and Spain the order should be delivered the next work day after shipping. For most other destinations it can take 5-10 work days. Outside the European Union this period can be extended due to Customs.

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