Fountain Of Youth

I’m recommending the book “Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth” by Peter Kelder.

The 5 main exercises (rites) taught in the book are simple, don’t take much time and the benefits are felt right from the begining.
They help with the flow of your energy, giving a boost in the morning which for me is superior to any coffee 😉 Also, I feel more grounded and in my body – while not being a substitute for grounding exercises, the 5 rites from this book are an excellent complement. And finally, I lost some excess weight – can’t promise the same, though!

Water, source of life

I was never one for drinking water, worry much about diet or doing exercise, but in the last few years (I’m 37) it seemed the body was starting to have problems as a pattern and I had no idea where from or why. When I decided to start taking better care of myself this book was one of the first things that came up.
Highly recommended!

From the book:
“A change of lifestyle becomes vital for the correction of any dehydration-produced disorder. The backbone of The Water Cure program is, simply, sufficient water and salt intake; regular exercise; a balanced, mineral-rich diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and the essential fats needed to create cell membranes, hormones, and nerve insulation; exclusion of caffeine and alcohol; and meditation to solve and detoxify stressful thoughts. Exclusion of artificial sweeteners from the diet is an absolute must for better health.”

Water For Health, For Healing, For Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!