My name is Carlos Silva and the contents of this website come from my personal experience. I’m not a doctor nor do I have a degree or award with my name. I’m not an authority and you will not find one here. I’m a human being like you and I hope we can help each other.

“Healers” don’t heal anyone. What they do is build the conditions for the other to heal himself. The “healed” is the true healer. Our body has an amazing capacity and intelligence to heal itself and will do so when given the chance.

Anyone can help another to heal. Your words, your touch, your attention and your presence create a field of vibration which raises the vibration of another person, animal or place. It’s important to realize the incredible positive effect we can have on each other by conscious practice of this principle.

The same applies to orgonite devices as they change the local energy by tipping the balance towards life: plants and animals gain vitality, individual human beings are more attuned to positive and constructive activity and organizations tend to become more useful and shed their regressive elements.

This demonstrates the natural inclination of Creation (and us as part of it) towards life, expansion, harmony.
It remains the responsibility of the individual to consciously resonate that higher vibration in his daily life. Orgonite, healings, miracles and simple human kindness are only providing the space for positive individual change, they are not change in itself. Reclaiming our individual responsibility, making use of the creative imagination, searching for a higher purpose – these are things that we ultimately pursue of our own free will on the way to become whole again. The rewards of this path are boundless.