A little bit of history

Orgonite Portugal was born, as idea, while I was still living in Amsterdam. It was just a blog with instructions on how to make orgonite and where I later offered some pieces for sale, using an archaic system where all orders were processed through email. During the Mozambique gifting trip in 2009 the idea of a more serious online store took shape and I am thankful to Georg Ritschl for the tips he gave me.

After the African adventure it seemed the right time for a return to Portugal. Beggining 2010 the first website was set up, a very basic one. In April the first sales were made and I have to thank TSF radio for an interview which helped boost awareness at the time. – a nice “coincidence”.

I can’t forget to thank Don Croft who has work tirelessly to help the gifting movement grow like a tsunami – through the support he gives to begginers, through the Etheric Warriors community and generally for being an embarassment to humanity’s parasites ahah 😎

I wish you lots of fun in exploring this new world. All the best.