This is Carol Croft’s famous Harmonic Protector and in my personal experience it’s the best pendant there is.
I used one for several years before starting to use my own in order to test and divulge them more easily. The energy of the HP is amazing and on top of that it’s specially good at helping you grow spiritually.

In Carol’s own words:

The Harmonic Protector© acts as an ‘energetic mirror.’ It reinforces your body’s natural energy field (aura), while also helping you cope with energy overload and stress. The gemstones in the pendant were chosen to enhance the body’s own etheric (auric) field. Along with the titanium in the resin/metal mix the strengthened etheric field acts to shield against strong electromagnetic fields and debilitating frequencies.

The Harmonic Protector© enhances mental and emotional clarity, awareness, a sense of well-being, restful sleep and dream clarity, though of course these are all effects of healing and strengthening the etheric field.

Price: 100€
Dimensions: 4,3 cm diameter x 1,2 cm thick
Weight: 37 grams

New Product: Carol Croft’s Harmonic Protector

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