Zappers work by introducing a micro-current into the body, via the skin. The current is so small you don’t feel it, unless you wet your lips and touch the terminals when a new battery was placed – the jolt is fun but harmless and a good way to check if the zapper works.

This current is (in electrical terms) negatively charged and will affect the whole body. Parasites, viruses, fungi and worms must exist in a positively-charged environment or desintegrate. The zapper changes the electrical polarity of their environment, thus killing them and freeing us from the heavy task of feeding those undesireable, uninvited guests.

Wear the zapper against the skin, as often as possible if you are sick. The zapper is powered by a 9 volt battery and comes with instructions for usage.

If you have damaged vital organs, the zapper will not cure that. You will need a competent physician, two of which I can recommend:
Dr. Steven Smith
Dr. William G. Von Peters

It’s advisable to occasionally clean the zapper’s metal terminals with a non-abrasive material. Otherwise the material that builds up in the discs will eventually insulate and keep the device from being efficient.

Don Croft’s is an excellent resource for more in-depth zapper information.

Terminator Zapper Instructions (PDF)
Basic Zapper Instructions (PDF)

No information on this website or linked from it can be taken as medical advice.

How Zappers Work
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